Frequently Asked Questions

What is CybSafe and what does it do?

CybSafe is a cloud-based unified cyber awareness platform that demonstrably reduces human cyber risk as it relates to awareness, behaviour and culture.

CybSafe helps everyone behave in a secure manner and spot more cyber attacks. In doing so, it reduces risk and increases your organisation’s cyber resilience.

How does CybSafe work?

CybSafe is built on two foundational pillars: machine learning & advanced data analytics, and psychology & behavioural science.

CybSafe first measures the security awareness, behaviours and culture of a group of people. It then implements interventions designed in collaboration with psychologists and behavioural scientists to improve all three of these areas.

As time goes on, CybSafe continues to measure each area accordingly to help keep people safe online.

What do you mean by “intelligent” software?

CybSafe harnesses advanced data analytics, AI and machine learning to learn about its users’ existing security habits.

The CybSafe software platform then automatically evolves in line with the unique needs of your business.

This is an extremely intelligent way of doing business and an impressive application of advanced technology. This is why we refer to CybSafe as an intelligent security awareness platform.

Is CybSafe different to other solutions?

Most security solutions are designed to help you comply with laws and regulations, as opposed to reducing human cyber risk. As such, they seek to provide ‘training’ or ‘education’ and little more.

Unfortunately, security awareness training alone has historically failed to change people’s day-to-day behaviours. “Cyber-aware” people routinely ignore security warnings and work around security guidance.

CybSafe has been designed in collaboration with psychologists and behavioural scientists to advance not just security awareness but security behaviours and security culture, too. As well as aiding compliance, it reduces the chance of your organisation suffering a data breach.

How does CybSafe help with GDPR and regulatory compliance?

In order to avoid the most severe fines associated with GDPR and other regulatory frameworks, organisations must be able to show they make a positive effort to avoid data breaches.

CybSafe is a GCHQ-accredited means of reducing the risk of a breach. Implementing and using CybSafe is an easy way to demonstrate to regulators that positive steps are being taken to improve resilience and avoid breaches.

Can CybSafe be used by contractors, remote workers and my supply chain?

CybSafe is based in the cloud. It’s designed to be accessible from anywhere, by anyone granted a license.

CybSafe can be used by contractors, remote workers and suppliers – and its in-built analytics offer a means of checking supply chain cyber security.

Do I get access to analytics?

Analytics are the backbone of CybSafe. They’re what allow the platform to develop an understanding of an individual’s existing security practices.

Administrators have access to all the data generated by their organisation and can compare themselves anonymously to other companies within their sector. Analytics & Reporting dashboards enable CybSafe administrators to monitor progress and highlight vulnerabilities. In the same way software updates patch technological vulnerabilities, CybSafe analytics allow you to proactively address individual or departmental vulnerabilities before it’s too late.

Can I get customised security training?

Yes. We also develop custom security training specifically for customers with unique information security, data protection or privacy requirements and are happy to do so for our customers.

Does training vary between departments?

Yes. As well as core content, departments subject to increased and unique risks (such as those in HR or finance) receive supplementary training to assist in fully contextualising relevant risks.

How are users tested?

As testing aids the retention of information, CybSafe leverages testing to ensure course content is understood, retained and assimilated.

New knowledge is tested with scenario based interactions, that invite users to piece together different bits of information they have learned to produce an answer. This process is not an exercise in comprehension, but one in which users are then prompted to self reflect on what they have learnt.

Retained knowledge is tested through ongoing refresher tests, while behavioural change is typically measured through simulated attacks that take place live in the workplace. In both cases, testing takes place throughout the subscription period – fuelling CybSafe’s machine learning and further advancing security awareness, behaviours and culture.

How long will it take to get up and running?

CybSafe is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform. No new technological infrastructure needs to be installed on site to get going and users can begin training from wherever they are (so long as they’re connected to the internet). As such, you can get started within days of partnering with us.

Does CybSafe support multiple languages?

Yes. CybSafe customers currently span 11 different countries and CybSafe is now available in multiple languages.

What if I need support?

The customer success team are fanatic about ensuring you experience the full benefits of CybSafe. As well as proactively “nudging” users to begin, complete and refer back to, CybSafe’s customer success team who are available to talk to should you need support.

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