CBS and CybSafe: Delivering intelligent, data-driven, human cyber risk management for SMBs

Tailored, contextualised, security awareness training delivered by AI-curated content

Empowering employees to be your greatest security defence

CBS: Delivering enterprise grade security specifically for SMBs

Cyber risks cannot be solved by technology alone; the human aspect makes the difference. Make your staff the first line of cyber defence.

The threats to your business have evolved and now you are nine times more likely to be the victim of a cyber crime than a burglary.

Understandably, as an SMB most of your security spend in the past will have been on physical and infrastructure security technology, but in these challenging times and with remote working increasingly common, you need to empower your employees to increase your cyber protection.

Working to deliver enterprise class security specifically to the SMB community, CBS has partnered with CybSafe to deliver GCHQ and IISP accredited security awareness training, for as little as £14.00 per year*.

An annual subscription covers topics ranging from: ‘Am I really a target?’; Wi-Fi and Device Security, GDPR and risks from outside forces; to more specific training for those in client facing roles, HR and Finance.

CybSafe focuses on giving each user a tailored learning experience. It learns how people learn best, so It knows when they are more engaged, and how they respond to different prompts in different situations.

CybSafe uses data like this to adapt to every user and improve security behaviours.

Each short module delivers targeted GCHQ-accredited learning, advice and recommendations. Coupled with virtual cyber assistance, personalised ‘nudge’ interventions and updated content on topics covered, this awareness method scientifically addresses cyber awareness, behaviour and culture, and increases your company’s cyber protection.

*Annual Essential Subscription.

  • Delivering improved security understanding

  • Raising awareness & improving behaviours

  • Achieving measurable cyber risk reduction

CBS utilises the most trusted technology

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  • CybSafe is a leading cyber risk awareness and training platform.

    Its content teaches your staff the fundamentals of how to protect your business and data in a low cost per-user subscription.

    – Security Awareness Training
    – Compliance and Risk
    – Phishing
    – Cyber Security Behaviour
    – Risk Reduction
    – Insider Threat Mitigation

    Once the training is complete, your team will be GCHQ certified, which shows your customers that you are taking security seriously.

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